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“New” Family Fun for Mother’s Day: Creating Lasting Memories Together

“New” Family Fun for Mother’s Day: Creating Lasting Memories Together

Whether you celebrate Mother’s Day on May 10, or the second Sunday in May, it’s a day to honor the special mother figures in our lives. Spending time together is a great way to show appreciation and celebrate the day to day commitment you make to each other. 

Building healthy habits together as a family, like moving your bodies in joyful ways and enjoying nourishing meals can be fun and have lasting health benefits like:

  • Healthy and strong bones and muscles for growing children
  • Lowering stress and getting better sleep for adults
  • Better balance and flexibility as we age
  • Good team-building and communication skills  
  • Enjoying foods that are good tasting and good for our bodies

Here are some ideas for spending time with loved ones: 

  • Family Activity Night: Gather around for a night of friendly competition and laughter with a family game night. You don’t need fancy board games and puzzles to entertain; play charades, 20 questions, or three truths and lie; set up an obstacle course or scavenger hunt; or just grab a deck of cards to play Go Fish or Gin Rummy. Seek out second-hand games or borrow board games, puzzles, Loteria, and more from a friend or your local library. Make sure to have snacks and drinks handy! Check out these easy recipes for Popcorn, Southwest Popcorn, and Raspberry Lime Fizz.
  • Cooking together: Bond over cooking a meal together as a family. Get everyone involved in the kitchen, from chopping vegetables to setting the table. Check out this article on Cooking Up Fun for more family-fun cooking ideas! Whether you’re cooking a simple breakfast, hosting a family barbecue, or baking sweet treats, cooking together can create positive memories for everyone. 
  • Fun with Gardening: Spring is a great time to try planting some of your favorite fruits, vegetables, herbs, or flowers. Gardening can look very different based on where you live in Arizona, such as the weather and resources available, like water and sunlight! If you’re looking for fun, low-cost ways to try gardening, check out Digging into Spring: Family-Friendly Gardening Tips and Tricks.
  • Outdoor Adventures: Step out for a nature walk in a local park or neighborhood. Enjoy time together at a park where there is plenty of space for a game of tag, kicking or passing around a sports ball. Find a nearby family hike or nature trail to soak up some of the beauty the outdoors has to offer. Look for more tips for outdoor adventure in Nature’s Playground: Family-Friendly Outdoor Adventures.