Arizona Parks and Trails - Fun Facts

Arizona has some of the most scenic state parks and hiking trails. You can see cacti while hiking in the desert, go to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and visit the pines in the national forests. The hiking trails pass through a wide variety of settings that make Arizona one of the most beautiful states to explore on foot. Whether you enjoy a trail in your community or take a weekend trip, Arizona parks and trails offer many options. Below are some fun facts about Arizona Parks and Trails:

  • 22 national parks and monuments (the most out of any state)
  • 35 state parks and monuments
  • 11.2 million acres of national forest in Arizona
  • 64,000 acres of park lands
  • Over 160 miles of state hiking trails
  • The Saguaro Desert is the only place on earth where the saguaro cactus grows
  • The Arizona Trail extends 800 miles, from Arizona‚Äôs southern border to its northern border, and is for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding
  • The Grand Canyon National Park is 1 of only 7 natural wonders of the world (the only one located in the United States)

There are lots of hiking opportunities within our state park system and close to your community. To find local or state parks and trails near you, visit