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Staying Active, Healthy and Connected During COVID-19

Staying Active, Healthy and Connected During COVID-19

Following CDC’s COVID-19 guidelines for social distancing and following the State of Arizona Executive Order is important to limit the spread of illness and keep you healthy. It is important to stay active during this time of social distancing because it is good for our mental health, can reduce stress, and help us sleep and relax. All of these good things that come from moving our bodies are important during times of added stress for you and your family.


Setting aside time to be mindful or for self-care is a great way to help manage stress and anxiety. Self-care, or taking care of our mind, body and emotional needs, may look different for everyone. This could mean finding a way to move your body that is fun, spending time outside, staying connected with family and friends (while keeping social distance), reading a book, or even meditating.


Here are some ways you and your family can keep moving and help reduce your stress.


For those who are more comfortable being active at home, here are some ideas:

  • Find some online videos that show your favorite activities, like yoga, dance or kids movement activities

  • Play fun indoor active games with the family

  • Meditate

  • Start an art or crafts project (chalk on the sidewalk, paint, color or draw, or try photography)

  • Indoor chores that you have not had time to do


For those that want to go outside for short periods of time and can following social distancing practices, try these activities:

  • Go on a walk through your neighborhood

  • Ride your bike

  • Start or tend your garden (tips for a successful vegetable garden)

  • Yard work that you have not had time to do

Social and physical distancing can be hard mentally, emotionally, and physically. Remember to take care of your own needs and set aside time for self-care. Having fun while moving your body is important for our overall health over the next few months.