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Share Meals and Stay Connected

Share Meals and Stay Connected

At AZ Health Zone, we talk a lot about how family meals can help boost the nutritional quality of the food your family enjoys. For example, when we cook or prepare meals at home, we are in control of the ingredients and can use the foods that we like and make us feel good.


But did you know that sharing meals can do a lot more for us? It turns out that eating together isn’t just a way to catch up on everyone’s day (although that is a bonus!), but children who have regular family meals have stronger social skills outside of mealtime. And because positive, healthy relationships, on their own, are important for everyone’s health, it makes sense to consider sharing meals with others in our lives, too. Here are a few ways to think about using meals to connect with others:


Share a warm pot of soup with a neighbor. This Corn & Tomatillo Soup is deliciously warm and comforting.


Make a yummy snack with your child or another young relative. Apple Raisin Grahams are a hit! For kids under 4, shred the apple and omit the raisins for safety reasons.


Schedule a lunch date with a friend. Try these Chicken Tacos or a Quick Quesadilla if you’re really short on time.


We hope you enjoy the food and the company too!