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Getting Your Kids to Be Active – Tips for Parents

Getting Your Kids to Be Active – Tips for Parents


Parents play a key role in helping their kids find activities they enjoy. Active kids do better in school, sleep better, and have less anxiety and depression. There is lots to be gained from being active, but how do you encourage kids to do it? Below are some tips:


  • Choose the Right Activity for Your Child’s Age –

    • Preschoolers: Need play and activity that helps them develop important motor skills. Preschoolers may not understand games with a lot of rules or be coordinated enough for sports. They also may not be able to pay attention for a long period of time. Things like kicking and throwing a ball, playing tag, hopping, or riding a bike with training wheels are good at this age.

    • School-Age: It is hard for parents of school-age children to find activities that are fun and rewarding for the child. Activities can range from sports to playing outside, hiking, and biking. As kids get older, levels of skill and interest can change, so it is important to find the right activity.

    • Teens: After school is a great time to be active. Sign your kids up for classes or programs that will keep them moving, and look for ways for them to get home from school like walking or riding a bike. Activities include sports, yoga, dance classes, skateboarding, or other active clubs. Keep in mind that not all kids want to compete in sports, so look for things that they want to do.


  • Give Your Kids Lots of Opportunities – Each child is different and has different interests. If possible, give your children choices to see how they want to be active. Parents can give kids active toys, sports gear, or games (like balls, push toys, and items to jump or climb on), sign them up for classes or sports, and take them to the playground, park, or nearby hiking trail.


  • Focus on Fun – Being active should be fun. Kids are more likely to move their bodies when it is something they enjoy. Being active with your kids and including their friends is a great way to have fun.