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Getting Started and Staying Active

Getting Started and Staying Active

Would you like to be more physically active with your family? People of all ages and abilities benefit from being more active. Below are some things to help you get started!

1. Be comfortable and safe
Think about the clothing and shoes you wear and make sure they are comfortable and you can move well in them.

2. Think about what motivates you
Dealing with stress. Boost energy or mood. Sleep better.

3. Start with small steps, like getting off the bus a couple of blocks early or parking farther from the grocery store.

4. Set small challenges for yourself each week and share it with friends and family to give you support.

5. Make fitness fun by doing it with family or friends.

6. Have a backup plan when life happens!
Think of places indoor like malls or a large store that you can walk around just to get moving. Think of ways to get in those extra steps or exaggerate your movements if you have to do chores.