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Brain Breaks and Active Games for Family Fun

Brain Breaks and Active Games for Family Fun

Kids and adults need to move throughout the day as part of a healthy lifestyle. Parents play an important role in the health of their children and set the example for active families. Encouraging play at home is a great way to show your kids that being active is fun and an important part of your weekly routine. Parents can also join in on the fun and play active games and activities with your children. Here are some great ideas to help your family enjoy some active time together.

Freeze Dance
Find your family’s favorite music and turn it up. Have everyone dance until the music pauses. When it does, everyone has to freeze and hold the position they are in. Keep it going over all your favorite songs.

Indoor Hopscotch
This playground favorite can work on any surface. If you have tile, use the tile squares to identify what squares to use. With carpet or other surfaces, use tape to mark the pattern.

Treasure Hunt
Kids love searching for hidden objects using clues. Write your clues on some slips of paper and place the first clue somewhere easy for your child to find. Then leave as many clues as you want around the house, making a trail to the final clue.

Indoor Bowling
You can use water bottles, paper towel rolls, markers or anything else you have around the house as “bowling pins”. Line up 6-10 “bowling pins” and use a soft ball and begin the fun. Take turns bowling and setting up pins.