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7 Ways to Brighten Your Table on a Budget

7 Ways to Brighten Your Table on a Budget

Eating enough fruits and vegetables is important for our health, but it isn’t always easy. Things like the distance to the nearest store, reliable transportation, and limited money for food can make it more challenging. Here are 7 ideas for how to get more fruits and vegetables on your plate.

1. Celebrate the season.
Look for vegetables and fruits that are in season. This is when flavor and price are best. Your local farmers market is a great source of seasonal produce.

2. Look for a savings strategy.
Check the local newspaper, online, and at the store for sales, coupons and specials that will cut the cost of vegetables and fruits.

3. Try canned or frozen.
Canned and frozen vegetables and fruits may be less expensive than fresh. Compare prices to find the best deal.

4. Map out your meals.
Outline meals you plan to eat for the week and use it as a guide. Be sure to list beverages and snacks too! Add vegetables and fruits to complete meals or replace salty snacks.

5. Try something new.
At farmers markets and farm stands, you can find vegetables and fruits that aren’t in a grocery store. Ever heard of kohlrabi? Have you had a salad with arugula or dandelion greens before? Challenge yourself to use a new ingredient.

6. Use your SNAP Quest EBT card or WIC Cash Value Vouchers.
Your Quest Card and Cash Value Vouchers can be used to purchase vegetables and fruits at the store or at authorized farmers markets. WIC and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) vouchers can also be used to buy Arizona-grown produce at authorized farmers’ market.

7. Grow your own food.
Get the family involved with gardening. Start small with a window herb box or plant fruits and vegetables in a container or the yard. SNAP EBT benefits on your Quest Card can be used to purchase food-producing plants and seeds. Learn more at